Didn’t Cross the County Line

Back on the bike today after not riding yesterday due to the cold front. I wanted to add a few of the miles I missed on Monday when I had to cut the ride short because of the incoming weather. Riding to Huffman was the plan but I altered the route by going north […]

I Got Misty Eyes

I thought I fixed the Garmin 510 after yesterday’s problems but after rolling out the driveway I saw the cadence sensor was not working. Pulling over I went to setup and enabled the sensor function and pressed the search icon. A beep sounded and the sensors began recording. I am not sure how the […]

How to Mess A Garmin 510 Up

For the last few rides I noticed the screen on my Garmin 510 had collected some pine pollen. As I was getting ready to leave on the ride I took a towel and wiped off the screen. What I didn’t notice was I change the profile setting to one I don’t use. So off […]

No Fooling Around

With March in the rear view mirror I am looking forward to April. Today’s ride was a good start. I rode north to Roman Forest Blvd. and then turned south back through New Caney and then Valley Ranch. I left home a little later than I planned at 1:48 and got back at 4:39. […]