New Route Exploring to May Park

I was trying to think of a different route to ride today. A place I drove to but biked to is the May Park and Community Center north of Huffman. I biked past the road that takes you there so today I looked up the area on Google Maps to look at the roads. I knew there was a road from the park to Hargrave High School on Huffman – Eastgate Road but I wasn’t sure of the name and where it went to get there. The goal was to ride 40 miles or more but since this was a first time for this group of streets and roads the mileage was a guess. To help I added some extra streets in the early part of the ride and that was a good idea. I ended up biking 39.83 miles so the goal was almost reached.

Before leaving on the ride I installed my Father’s Day present DT Swiss RWS skewer. Removing the old skewer I inserted the DT Swiss one and turned the lever clockwise like the instructions said. The left chain stay got in the way of tightening as tight as it needed to be. Looking at the instructions I couldn’t see how to engage the ratchet so I went to Youtube. There were a couple of videos showing how to tighten the lever. I needed to pull the lever away from bike and then turn it clockwise. Silly me, why wasn’t this clear? After watching the videos the instruction graphic made sense. I tightened the lever and checked the wheel position between the chain stays. It was in the center. At the Huffman Chevron rest stop I checked the wheel again and it was right where it was supposed to be. Success!!! To loosen pull the lever away from the bike and turn counter clockwise.

It was hot again today. I left home (11:27) earlier than yesterday but I was delayed trying to figure out the skewer. My home weather station had it in the upper 90’s at the start and 94 when I got back home at 3:00. The wind was from the ESE at 13 mph. This made the headwind tough and slowed me. Until about the 25 mile point it was about all headwind. Once I got back on FM1960 near the Liberty County line the wind was from the left rear quarter. I picked up my speed at that point and my average speed started going up. I never did get it very high (15.2 mph was the highest average speed) maintaining it at 15.1 mph until the 37.6 mile point.

The weather forecast calls for 94 degrees and partly cloudy. Just like today. I hope to start earlier then.

A Break in the Weather Allows Bike Ride

February is off to a better start than January. My first ride in January was the 6th so I got an earlier start this month.

The weather forecast had rain but when I got home from church it was trying to be sunny and the temperature was 77 or 78. The clouds were thick in places but not enough to delivery any rain. I rolled out the drive way at 11:45 on the way to Huffman. I expected to ride about 30 miles and ended up riding 30.15 miles. It didn’t take too long to meet another biker on Tree Lane about 2 miles from my house. Our paths went different ways though. Earlier on Woodbridge Drive two bikers were going north while headed south. The last biker I saw was on Fairlake Drive.

I dressed somewhat lightly with shorts and a long sleeve jersey leaving the jacket at home. Most of the time I was comfortable but riding over Lake Houston the wind picked up the coolness from the water and I was glad the body heat from riding was just enough to keep me kinda comfortable.

At the beginning the wind was 13 mph was the SW but as the ride went along I thought it was stronger than that. When I got home my suspicions were correct with a 12 mph WSW wind with 21 mph gusts. Those gusts helped me riding east over Lake Houston on FM1960 but coming back it was like riding with a weight tied to me. Going east I rode at 22 mph and returning home it was 11 to 12 mph. The west bound traffic didn’t help much to block the wind. I thought I was going to be able to ride at 15 mph as I left the Huffman Chevron but by the time I got to Lake Houston I couldn’t keep that speed up.

Clouds were starting to get heavier during the ride home and the sun left leaving body heat to offset the wind chill.

I am still short of 200 miles for the year with 171.66 so far. The weather forecast does not bode well Monday through Friday with temperatures below 60 and some rain. When will this weather give me a break?

Links to Garmin Connect and RideWithGPS.

Texas Bicycling News Digest January 4th

Kingwood Fillies’ annual Bike Through Forest and Hills fundraiser set for Jan. 24

By Jacob McAdams

The Kingwood Fillies will host the annual Bike Through the Forest and Hills on Jan. 24 outside of the San Jacinto County courthouse in Coldspring, Texas.
The Bike Through the Forest and Hills is a bike ride that extends all around Coldspring covering a maximum distance of 46 miles.
All proceeds for the event go to the Kingwood Fillies dance team of Kingwood High School.
The Kingwood Fillies are a drill team lead by Director April Swenson. They have won numerous …

The Austin Mountain Bikers Meetup Group

Austin, TX
2,677 Mountain Bikers

Meet other local mountain bikers to organize rides, review trails, gear and trade tips. All skill-levels welcome. We’ll try to organize rides that fit all experience levels. M…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Starting the New Year with a Pfsst!

Bike Noob

Finally got a break from the cold, rainy weather that started 2015, and I was anxious to get out on the bike Saturday. My wife had already done her ride for the day, and I was moving too slow to go with her. Once I finally did get saddled up, she was back, showered, and already hard at work in our home office.
I figured I’d start the new year with one of my most frequent rides, about an hour and a half through the neighborhood. The bike was performing well. It shifted silently and rolled smoothly. On this sunny, 55-degree (12C) afternoon, I saw a number of other bikers, but no one I knew.
I turned south to go to a hilly subdivision. While climbing an easy hill toward a highway that I had to cross, I became aware of a click from …

HBC Ride Schedule

Houston Bicycle Club

Saturday 01/10/15     Hempstead Melon Trail    8:30am     Ronald & Lilette Britsch
Sunday 01/11/15     Urban Challenge Ride    9:00 a.m.     Dan Lyons
Saturday 01/17/15     Pattison – Hempstead    8:30am     Ronald & Lilette Britsch
Saturday 01/24/15     Chappell Hill West    8:30am     Don Johnson
Saturday 01/31/15     Sealy West    8:30am     Don Johnson
Saturday 02/07/15     Columbus – North    8:30am     Don Johnson

INVITATION: Bike the Woodlands Coalition 2015 Kick Off Meeting (Make 2015 a year to get involved)

by Alan Charley

Bike The Woodlands Coalition 2015 Kick Off MeetingBike The Woodlands Coalition 2015 Kick Off Meeting • January 15, 2015 • 7-9 p.m.
We are beginning the New Year with a kick-off meeting by reviewing new bicycle projects in and… around The Woodlands. Two of our speakers are in the middle of making these happen. We will also discuss several bicycle and community events planned for 2015, and how you can participate. These events will help us accomplish strategies we developed during 2014 (Strategic Plan attached).
Please join other cycling enthusiasts to learn more about recent events and projects. Help decide what we will do in 2015 to “create a better community through bicycling”. There will be food and beverages, so let us know if you’re coming. You …

January Newsletter Published

Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts

The January edition of the DATES-Line Newsletter is published and available for download from the newsletters page. This month’s edition includes the following:
Southwest Tandem Rally
Pilot Point Ride
Christmas Lights Ride
Ride Leaders Needed
2015 Double DATES Membership Renewal


Fort Worth Bicycling Association

Our most recent Paceline (the club’s online newsletter) was added 1-3-15 and is available below. Archives are available in the Members Area.
January 2015 (pdf)

Cyclist in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle

By Leezia Dhalla, For the Express-News

According to local media reports a cyclist is in critical condition after he was hit by a vehicle early Sunday morning on the city’s Southeast Side.
San Antonio police told reporters that the unnamed man was found sprawled in the street near the intersection of Dollarhide and Pollydale avenues at around 2 a.m.
Officers are searching for the driver of the …

New Event Added to Calendar


Event Reminder

Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for July 19th

Tour de Longneques
July 28th
Tour de Longneques will depart Castell, TX for a ride to the courthouse square in Llano and return to Castell.  The distance is 36 miles plus a few hundred yards. Meet-up at The Castell General Store.   Wheels rolling at 0800.  This is a militantly not (as opposed to dis) organized ride.  There will be at least one SAG vehicle and bottled water and “facilities” are available at several capitalistic enterprises operating around the square.

As usual, there will be a post-ride ceremonial soak in the healing rapids of the Llano River in Castell, The Castell General Store will be serving BBQ and Lone Star Longnecks will be available at low event prices.  Various furriner beers are also usually available but at less attractive prices (besides, a Lone Star Longneck is de riguer after the completing The Tour.  Don’t forget to come prepared for the soak in the Llano River!

In past TdL happenings the SAG vehicles were available to get…

Chaparral Trail/NorthEast Texas Trail – RIDE OPPORTUNITY!!!! – AUGUST 10TH!
by jlynnbob  
Folks, you may have seen my post recently about my adventure exploring the Chaparral Trail between Farmersville and Paris. If not, but you have heard about the Chaparral Trail and have thought… maybe someday I’ll go out there and check it out… Well, SOMEDAY HAS COME! Take a look at the…

Goodbye Cycle Thursday Evening Ride
rain or shine @ 6pm.
We ride a 25 to 30 mile loop at a pretty quick pace but we do not leave anyone behind. Typically we have two groups, a faster group and a slower group. It’s a great way to connect with local cyclists. One of the reasons we do it on thursday is so people can find riding partners for bigger rides during the weekend.

New Law — Now What?
Alliance for Biking & Walking: People Powered Blog
New Realities, Challenges and Opportunities of the Federal Transportation Law

There is a lot of bad news for biking and walking advocates in MAP-21. Coordinating closely with many and diverse partners, we worked very hard to maintain the already disproportionately low funding dedicated for biking and walking and get some key policy reforms. The conference negotiation process resulted in a transportation law that is several steps back rather than forward.

Looking back over all our efforts the past four years, it is easy to ask “What if … ?” but MAP-21 passed because it was so craftily packaged that even…

No Country for Old Men Ultra Bicycle Race
by Darryl  

Dex Tooke is one wild man ultra endurance cyclist, and now he’s putting on his own challenge to bring out other ultra cycling maniacs to join him.  You might remember Dex from a post we did that featured him a while back.  He has taken on the Race Across America (RAAM) a few times now and last year he became the sixth rider over 60 years of age to complete the event.  Dex is also the rider featured in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful cycling photos in the world.  Have a look a…

Owens Trail Closure July 23 to July 27
by bergerandfries        Bike Friendly Richardson
FYI, Owens Trail will be closed July 23 to July 27 for repairs. The gate across the creek bridge will be closed and locked. Dan Baker at the city says, “We are anticipating the repairs to take 5 days leaving that section of the trail closed Monday – Friday of next week (July 23 – 27). There is an issue with the concrete panel that abuts…

Bike Ride in Texas 7.15.12 Nutria & Road Upkeep in the sticks.
by sbegot

On today’s bike ride in addition to the hundreds of deer I always see but can never seem to get on video….I saw nutria in a pond and show off the newly re-surfaced road and views of Texas after the rains that fell today. It was cool…

Walking The Gateway Park Mountain Bike Trail Finding Tasty California Peaches
by Durango Texas
For my mid-day doctor prescribed daily constitutional today I went to Gateway Park to walk, not bike, the Gateway Park Mountain Bike Trail.

When you walk a trail that you’ve previously biked, it looks way different on two feet than two wheels, because when you are on two wheels you have…