New Route Exploring to May Park

I was trying to think of a different route to ride today. A place I drove to but biked to is the May Park and Community Center north of Huffman. I biked past the road that takes you there so today I looked up the area on Google Maps to look at the roads. […]

A Break in the Weather Allows Bike Ride

February is off to a better start than January. My first ride in January was the 6th so I got an earlier start this month.

The weather forecast had rain but when I got home from church it was trying to be sunny and the temperature was 77 or 78. The clouds were thick […]

Texas Bicycling News Digest January 4th

Kingwood Fillies’ annual Bike Through Forest and Hills fundraiser set for Jan. 24 By Jacob McAdams

The Kingwood Fillies will host the annual Bike Through the Forest and Hills on Jan. 24 outside of the San Jacinto County courthouse in Coldspring, Texas. The Bike Through the Forest and Hills is a bike […]

Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for July 19th

Tour de Longneques July 28th Tour de Longneques will depart Castell, TX for a ride to the courthouse square in Llano and return to Castell. The distance is 36 miles plus a few hundred yards. Meet-up at The Castell General Store. Wheels rolling at 0800. This is a militantly not (as opposed to dis) […]