Texas Bicycling News Digest June 7th

Theft: Bike rack cleaned out in Downtown Fort Worth by ZedHead88 www.reddit.com

I am new to cycling and was very excited to get a couple nice bikes with my girlfriend when moving into the Firestone Apartments Downtown. Sadly, I am away on business for 25 days in Australia.. but my girlfriend notified me our […]

Texas Biking News March 29th

Out in the west Texas town of El Paso Riding with Heyoka biking.hairsonfire.com

Today’s ride was nice and easy until the end. I started out kind of late, about 8:30. But I had another falling out with my GPS and it sent me looping around Las Cruces looking for the start of the route, […]

Texas Bicycling News Digest February 22nd

Pace Bend Road Race 2015 U23 Development Team

A few pics from today’s Pace Bend RR! #gofast #eyeofthetiger #u23developmentteam

Jalapeño 100 bicyclists go the distance By TRAVIS M. WHITEHEAD Staff Writer www.valleymorningstar.com

HARLINGEN — A strong wind confronted the riders in the 25th annual Jalapeño 100 bicycle ride Saturday, but they stayed […]

Texas Bicycling News January 18th

Everyone Bikes: Anita Mills Bike Friendly Oak Cliff

Everyone poops and everyone bikes. This is the first in a series of short bios of neighborhood cyclists. Meet your neighbor, Anita, she bikes too. Anita Mills: 66 yrs, Gardening Consultant, Bishop Arts Neighborhood Cyclist Questionnaire: 1. Why do you ride? Health – recreation 2. Type […]