Texas Bicycling News Digest June 7th

Theft: Bike rack cleaned out in Downtown Fort Worth

by ZedHead88        www.reddit.com

I am new to cycling and was very excited to get a couple nice bikes with my girlfriend when moving into the Firestone Apartments Downtown. Sadly, I am away on business for 25 days in Australia.. but my girlfriend notified me our bikes, along with all bikes on the rack, were all stole. That’s about 25+ bikes!! Our bikes became a way of life, we grew to really love them.. So my girlfriend is pretty upset, especially since i’m not there to help.
Our block of the community is gated with cameras and normally very secure. Lately they have been messing with the gate system installing a new key fob way to enter the building. Because of this, they …

HBC Zube Park Ride

Houston Bicycle Club

Cypress, TX        Sat 06/20/15    8:00 AM
Distances: 33(B), 40(C), 49(C) miles
Flat county roads in Harris, Waller, and Montgomery Counties. Pay attention to the map – there are a lot of turns. Only one store on the route.

Cyclists with Texas 4000 will roll through Farmington this week

By Dan Schwartz The Daily Times

Annual ride from Austin to Anchorage raises awareness for those who fight cancer
FARMINGTON — A pack of cyclists riding from Austin, Texas, to Anchorage, Alaska, to raise awareness about cancer are on schedule to roll through Farmington next week.
At least 70 students from the University of Texas at Austin have been training and fundraising for 18 months for the ride, which …

4th of July Memorial Ride…

EP Cyclists

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Texas Biking News March 29th

Out in the west Texas town of El Paso

Riding with Heyoka        biking.hairsonfire.com

Today’s ride was nice and easy until the end. I started out kind of late, about 8:30. But I had another falling out with my GPS and it sent me looping around Las Cruces looking for the start of the route, so it ended up being 9:00 before I hit the correct route. The weather was cool this morning. It warmed up quickly and the roads were all rural farmland so the ride was pleasant. When I got to Vinton, TX the route went on a great bike greenway that ran along the dry Rio Grande. I made it to El Paso right around 2 pm and then had another 5 miles to go to make it to the bike shop. I think they must have …

HBC Brenham Ride

Houston Bicycle Club        houstonbicycleclub.org

April 18        8:00 AM
Distances 33(B), 40(B), 50(C), 59(C) miles
Varying hills, some require low gears. Quite a nice ride, particularly in the spring when the wildflowers are blooming. Stores at Long Point and Burton. In Brenham, stop at Must Be Heaven (113 W. Alamo) for Blue Bell .

Team McAllen Individual Time Trial Series – Time Trial #1 RESULTS


Houston Cycling Club

Houston, TX
2,163 Houston Cycling Members

Hello and welcome to the Houston Cycling Club!  Whether you’re training for a triathlon, a road/ mountain bike race or just looking to meet fun people to ride with, this is th…

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Tour de Cypresswood Saturday Ride

Saturday, Apr 4, 2015, 9:00 AM

10935 Glenway Dr.
10935 Glenway dr Cypress, TX

10 Houston Cycling Members Went

Tour de Cypresswood Saturday RideCome out and enjoy the trails of Cypresswood with us.Something to think about:• ” First of all, do not hang your bike up on hooks out of reach. This will make it difficult to take down and maybe an excuse not to ride’.• Second, ” Have your gear in a easy to carry tub or container in your car”.• Third, ” Use a v…

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Cyclists riding to raise awareness of the “silent killer”

By Phil Prazan        kxan.com

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The American Cancer Society estimates more than 20,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and 14,000 others will die. It’s called the “silent killer” because often, doctors find no trace of the cancer until it’s well advanced.
More than 100 Texans joined together Sunday for something that looked like a normal cycling class. However, the event was much more than that. Participants hope to teach us a thing or to about ovarian cancer — something that’s dented the lives of most people on these bikes.
Diagnosed in 2010, Julie Shrell survived ovarian cancer. She hopes to raise both money for research and …

Crowds take over Westheimer as Sunday Streets returns to Houston

By Karen Chen        www.chron.com

As the sun claimed high noon, police officers ushered the last few cars off lower Westheimer with whistles and stern fingers. A gang on wheels took their place – biking, roller-blading and scootering through Montrose, crisscrossing the yellow and dotted lines. Pedestrians eyed the empty road suspiciously before straying off the sidewalk onto the thoroughfare.
“We’re walking in the middle of the street!” a boy shouted to his parents, his voice ringing with the unmistakable glee of rebellion.
Discovering the city
Westheimer, so often a tad too narrow and busy experienced from the inside of trucks and cars, was closed between Taft and …

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Texas Bicycling News Digest February 22nd

Pace Bend Road Race 2015

U23 Development Team

A few pics from today’s Pace Bend RR! #gofast #eyeofthetiger #u23developmentteam

Jalapeño 100 bicyclists go the distance

By TRAVIS M. WHITEHEAD Staff Writer        www.valleymorningstar.com

HARLINGEN — A strong wind confronted the riders in the 25th annual Jalapeño 100 bicycle ride Saturday, but they stayed the course.
“Going against the wind was tough,” said Marcello Furlan, 75. “Coming back was a pleasure.”
Furlan was one of 701 bicyclists who came out early Saturday for the event.
There were five courses of varying distances: 12 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles, 62.5 miles and 100 miles. They all began at the Oil Mill Pavilion at 906 Fair Park Blvd. The …

Man bicycling across US stops in El Paso

By Luis Carlos Lopez / El Paso Times

A California man bicycling from Los Angeles to New York to raise awareness for a form of cancer stopped in El Paso on Saturday.
Andy Sninsky, 66, suffers from multiple myeloma, an incurable bone marrow cancer. He said he was riding approximately 1,500 miles from coast-to-coast and stopping along the way to raise awareness about the disease. Sninsky, who was diagnosed four years ago, said he will be …

Selma to Montgomery: On bikes, riders experience history

Kym Klass, Montgomery Advertiser

Editor’s Note: Montgomery Advertiser reporter KymKlass was one of 350 cyclists who took part in Saturday’s Selma to Montgomery Voters Rights March bike ride, starting at Riverside Park in Selma, and finishing 54 miles later at the State Capitol Building.
SELMA – The journey started here, on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and took cyclists on long, rolling hills in Dallas and Lowndes counties.
The 54-mile route from the bridge to the State Capitol Building took 350 cyclists through history — on a route and through a time that was met with violence, anger, but also with perseverance and an unparalleled strength. …

… Cyclists arrived from throughout the country, including Kansas, Detroit, Texas, Los Angeles, Atlanta — and also Birmingham, Mobile, Dothan and the River Region. Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said in Montgomery before riders were transported to Selma Saturday morning, it is gratifying to know that riders not only want to …

Austin Rattler 100 Volunteer Call

Saturday, Mar 28, 2015, 8:00 AM

Rocky Hill Ranch
578 Farm-to-Market 153 Smithville, TX

2 Mountain Bikers Went

What: Austin Rattler 100 Volunteer CallWhere: Rocky Hill RanchWhen: March 28, 29 – 8am Saturday & 6am SundayWhat: Volunteers will help with registration, be Course Marshalls, help feed participants, etc.Why:  Fun + Free camping, volunteer T-shirts, Shiner beer, and barbecue dinner Saturday and SundayContact: Paul @ [masked] or …

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Austin Rattler 100 Volunteer Call

Sunday, Mar 29, 2015, 6:00 AM

Rocky Hill Ranch
578 Farm-to-Market 153 Smithville, TX

3 Mountain Bikers Went

What: Austin Rattler 100 Volunteer CallWhere: Rocky Hill RanchWhen: March 28, 29 – 8am Saturday & 6am SundayWhat: Volunteers will help with registration, be Course Marshall’s, help feed participants, etc.Why:  Fun + Free camping, volunteer T-shirts, Shiner beer, and barbecue dinner Saturday and SundayContact: Paul @ [masked] or…

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Bob Seger rocked our Valentine’s Day, & Ready2Roll MS 150 Training; Weeks 4 & 5

The Surly Biker

So last weekend was Valentine’s Day, and because we had some hoopla scheduled we skipped the Ready 2 Roll training ride. Not a big deal. So, no pictures from last week. Instead, we went with another couple to the Hobby Center in downtown Houston to see a show: Kinky Boots. And it was fabulous. Lots of fun, super funny, and even as a guy who doesn’t attend many musicals – had a great soundtrack. Highly recommended – not for the kids though. Just adults.
After the show we went further into downtown to Prohibition Supperclub & Bar for a special Valentine’s Day dinner. It was a pretty swell place. We didn’t see the show there, as we had just …

HBC Houston Sans Car Ride

Houston Bicycle Club

Houston Heights        20 miles
Sun 03/01/15    9:00 AM
This is an informal, leader led ride, at a leisurely pace ( Ride speed:  11 to 14 mph )  for those who want to know Houston  and many of its special places, by bike.  Learn basic bicycle commuting safety with a friendly group.  Rest stop will include one of the city’s independent coffee houses.  This ride is normally scheduled the first Sunday of each month and the route will vary at the whim of the leader, but will generally include a “figure 8 pattern” so that riders who do not wish to do the entire ride can easily return to the ride start.

Valley Roundabout

El Paso Bicycle Club

Sunday, March 1        8:00 AM
Description:     Meet at River Run, ride to McNutt, Airport, Strauss roads in Santa Teresa then return via La Union. 48 miles, 18-20 mph. Sue O’Connor, …

Is It Getting More Dangerous Out There?

Bike Noob

My friend Ramon H. from the Rio Grande Valley recently had a shock when a drunk driver plowed into several members of a group ride he was in. Two were banged up, and one went to a local hospital’s ICU. Ironically, the group was riding in honor of another of their cycling circle who was killed a year ago — again, by a drunk driver.
The crash rattled Ramon, and he is reassessing his commitment to cycling.
“At this point,” he wrote me, “I am not sure what the future holds for me as it pertains to pre-dawn cycling or road cycling in general.  This …

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Texas Bicycling News January 18th

Everyone Bikes: Anita Mills

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff

Everyone poops and everyone bikes.
This is the first in a series of short bios of neighborhood cyclists.
Meet your neighbor, Anita, she bikes too.
Anita Mills: 66 yrs, Gardening Consultant, Bishop Arts Neighborhood

Cyclist Questionnaire:
1. Why do you ride?
Health – recreation
2. Type of riding? …

La Mesa Hustle

Saturday, Jan 24, 2015, 9:00 AM

River Run Plaza
1071 Country Club Rd El Paso, TX

3 Cyclists Went

Ride to La Mesa and back. 44 miles, 18-20 mph. Rick Rivas,[masked]

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HBC Columbus – North Ride

Houston Bicycle Club

Sat 02/07/15        8:30am
37(C), 42(C), 51(C) miles
Scenic, rolling countryside, worth the trip. Flat to rolling hills, open fields. Good roads and pretty scenery, very little traffic. Short route goes to Fayetteville and back. Longer routes miss Fayetteville, but go through Frelsburg (if it is possible to go “through” Frelsburg). …

No Limits: Lisa Ann Leal

By FREDDY GONZALEZ        www.valleymorningstar.com

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and for the most part change is never simple; but it is doable.
For Lisa Ann Leal, of San Benito change came as a necessity. For the 50-year-old go-getter, change was the best thing that could have happened to her.
Having been overweight and diagnosed with high blood pressure, Leal decided to join a gym and like many other examples the weight began to come off …

El Paso Puzzler 2015

SportsTown El Paso

A record number of mountain bikers turned out for the 8th annual El Paso Puzzler race. (El Paso, TX). Interviews with winners and footage of race.

The Austin Mountain Bikers Meetup Group

Austin, TX
2,678 Mountain Bikers

Meet other local mountain bikers to organize rides, review trails, gear and trade tips. All skill-levels welcome. We’ll try to organize rides that fit all experience levels. M…

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