Started Early to Avoid the Heat at Hotter’n Hell Hundred – August 27th Bike Ride

We started early to avoid the heat and it looks like that was a good idea with the temperature at 110 degrees at 3:29 PM. I started my Garmin Edge at 6:21 AM and I finished 6 hours and 34 minutes later at 12:55 PM. The ride was slow getting started as usual as the huge number of riders takes time to move to the start line. My strategy was to keep my gearing lower than usual to keep my speed between 15 and 18 mph to pace myself. this worked very well with my average speed at 15.8 mph. I am surprised I was able to keep it at this level but there were times before we reached the second rest stop on the 100 mile route that the temperature was actually chilly. I am not complaining. Also I think the wind was low that early and I was able to keep a pace without the wind being a problem. It was 95 degrees when I rode through Burkburnett around 10:00 AM.

The plan was to stop at the third rest stop, which I did, and then every other one after that which I almost did except I stopped at the last one on the 100K/50 mile route on Sheppard Air Force Base. I was on this route because I took the Hell’s Gate shortcut so that I could go through the AFB. the airmen and airwomen are fantastic as they cheer you on. I gave a high five to many as I passed the line. You can see them in the gallery below. One airman held my bike while I stopped at the rest stop. He told me he had arrived at Sheppard AFB just last week. I did not get his name but this is his picture.

Airman holds my bike at Sheppard AFB

The ride was not perfect though as I had a bout with the goathead burrs at rest stop #14. I stopped there to refill my water bottle and Camelbak. When I finished that and a great snow cone I went to get my bike and I checked the tires for those critters and found several hanging onto my front tire. I removed all of them except one without incident. One had penetrated to the tube. I could see this because I was standing in a puddle of water and the air bubbles were coming out into it. Because of the heat my first patch attempt did not stick but the second one was successful. I was on my way.

At rest stop #5 I met a fellow rider from Kingwood that I had biked with in early July. His name is Richard Liliedahl. We talked about the ride and the routes we were riding. He was doing the 100 mile router with some friends. Two of his friends that I rode with in July did not make the trip.

From there the ride was good and I finished in good condition except for the salt stains on every piece of clothing I was wearing. After meeting up with my wife we drove back to the hotel to eat and clean up. I have some pictures from the consumer expo on Friday that I will post when I get home.

My ride data is at Garmin Connect since I am not able to access my SportTracks program from the hotel.

Some of the data highlights:

Weather after my finish


Garmin Connect Ride Data


Gramin Connect 5 mile lap times and average speeds

These are some of the pictures at the rest stops and finish. Click on the link Show picture list to see the pictures in a larger format.

[nggallery id=295]

Rick Ankrum

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2 thoughts to “Started Early to Avoid the Heat at Hotter’n Hell Hundred – August 27th Bike Ride”

  1. You’re more rider than I am, so far.

    Here in Kerrville the morning was actually cooler than it has been lately when rolling out at 7:15. I did a variation of my 29 mile roll out to the other side of Center Point that gave me an additional mile on the way back.

    The ride went well until I “ran out of gas” on the return. Just not enough calories on board after a tough day on my feet at work yesterday and a protein shake for breakfast. A single Power Bar at the mid-way point didn’t give me the fuel I was needing.

    Did see lots of other riders locally.

  2. I hope your temperature was lower than my home. It was 107 degrees in North Houston which is very unusual.

    Bonking has happened to me. My legs lose power and the engine room won’t answer when I call for more push.

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