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Gonna be in Houston, need a bike.
by MuppetMower            www.bikeforums.net
I’m going to be flying to Houston for 2-3 weeks and I would like to find a road bike to use while I’m there. I’d really rather not fly with my bike because I have had good friends have bad experiences recently. It doesnt need to be anything fancy, and I ride a 56cm which is probably easier to find. Obviously, I would be…

7/21 Midnight Massacre Gravel Grinder
Midnight Massacre 7/21!!!!!!! | The Spinistry
USA Cycling Permit # 2012-2688
The Midnight Massacre is a metric century(ish) gravel grinder starting at 8 pm near Ponder, TX. The route will primarily be made up of dirt/gravel roads as well as some short and desolate paved segments. Headlights and tail lights are required but this should be an excellent way to beat the summer heat in Texas and take in a new type of adventure.
UPDATE…We will be offering a shorter 41 mile route as an alternate. This would make a great intro to gravel grinding or…

Strava sued for negligence in cyclist’s death
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BRAIN)—The family of a San Francisco cyclist killed two years ago when he crashed into a car while speeding on his bike has sued Strava for encouraging dangerous behavior to win challenges on the popular social networking website.

In a seven-page negligence lawsuit filed Monday in San Francisco’s Superior Court, the parents of Kim Flint Jr., 41, claim their son crashed while he was attempting to defend his “King of the Mountain” title in Orinda, California’s Tilden Park on June 19, 2010. …

Tips from a pro mechanic #2 – Postride checks
Whether you are new to bicycling or an experienced rider, it can never hurt to brush up on tips to help you take care of your bike. That’s why we’ve asked pro bike mechanic, local bike shop owner, and friend of PeopleForBikes.org Daimeon Shanks to help us with a four-part series on bike mechanics and maintenance. This post explains the ideal technique for washing your bike.

Topic 2 of 4 – Postride Checks
After your ride, you’ll need to determine whether you should do a full bike wash or whether you can get away with a simple wipe down. If you’re like me and you live in a moderate climate, such as Colorado’s, then most days your bike won’t be exposed to much of the elements and you can simply wipe down your bike and put it…

#bikeschool: ‘Joining the Century Club’ by Aaron Madrid
by stevie            lovingthebike.com

As promised, we have some brilliantly inspirational stories coming up in a series of posts from the #bikeschool & LovingTheBike.com communities. First up is Part 1 of  ‘Century’ by Aaron Madrid (@Aaronthestrong). Our thanks go out to Aaron for putting a load of effort into his writing, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy what he has to say.

Joining the Century Club- Part 1
This past Saturday I accomplished one of my major cycling goals… I rode a century.  For those that might not be up on the “lingo” a century means 100 miles. Yes, I know…I am awesome.  Forgive me if I sound a bit egotistical, but as I write this it is still only a couple days since the big ride, and I feel like I am pretty much invincible.  Those that have been there will likely understand, and the rest of you can just think I’m egotistical for a bit.  For me it wasn’t just 100 miles that made it such an accomplishment and memorable day, but I’m getting…

When We Ride – a film by Kato Bentley
by Christopher Curnutt        Biking in Dallas

Some of you have seen this video made by local photographer, videographer and musician, Kato Bentley. For those of you who haven’t you’re in for a treat. Most of it was filmed at the Tits Tuesday or Monday Night Mash rides.  I think he does a nice job capturing the community and adventure of cycling in Dallas. …

CU Member In Focus
by Ray Garza        Ciclistas Urbanos

While looking over other cycling blogs of cycling groups similar to Ciclistas Urbanos (CU), I noticed that a few of them offered a spotlight on certain members. Be it a new member or someone that recently accomplished a goal, there was a small write up on them. I was thinking what a great idea that was and why can’t we do that with our blog. Recently, CU ranks have been growing at a fast clip so I have a large pool of cyclist to choose from. After a quick thought, one new member stood out, Leticia Lopez.

It was about January 2012 that Leticia found the CU Facebook site and started posting inquiries about the club and wanting to ride. Here are some of her quotes from Facebook: …

Cycling: Criteriums move south
By Tom Behrens            www.chron.com
The annual summer cycling criteriums that were held for 20 years at Memorial Park will not be racing at the park this summer. On Wednesday, June 6, the first race of the popular criterium season was held in the Joe K. Butler Stadium parking lot, 13755 South Main. Neither Greg Bauer, organizer for the criteriums, nor a spokesperson for the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department would comment on the reasons for the change, however it was rumored the change was brought about because of possible safety issues along the bicycle race route in the park.

In February of 2011 KRIV-TV reported a bicyclist was possibly paralyzed after he fell, hitting a wooden post along the bike race route. It was also reported another…

Pro-Biking Mayor Recovering after Bike Accident
Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price suffered a concussion and broken collarbone after taking a spill on a bad patch of gravel.
By Aylin Zafar        newsfeed.time.com

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is an avid cyclist who regularly bikes up to 125 miles a week and organizes rides in the city like “Tour de Fort Worth.” She holds weekly town hall meetings on wheels, which include a bike ride and discussion with fellow cycling members of the community.

Now, Price is recovering following a nasty bike accident Saturday morning, CBS Dallas Fort Worth reports, when she took a bad spill on a dangerous patch of gravel…




Team RAAM Sarcoma powered by Bacchetta Bikes
by sooner1            Shawnee Trail Cycling Club
Steve Petty, Shawnee Trail Cycling Club member and dedicated endurance cyclist (with his lovely wife Peggy). Steve is currently involved one of the ultimate feats for someone that loves to ride (and ride, and ride, and…). Steve is a member of Team RAAM Sarcoma, pedaling their way across America.

They are traveling 3,000 miles, climbing 100,000 feet and doing all this in 7 days or less.  They are about to complete the crossing of the rockies and heading towards the plains of Kansas.

You can follow Steve and Peggy on the blog we’ve set up for them (click here), with a news feed of posts appearing on the right banner of this site. Peggy and other members of the crew are relaying information to me…

July 14 ARR Club Event @ Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area
Saturday, July 14, 2012 – 09:00
Austin Ridge Riders
Come ride with the Austin Ridge Riders and Ride Like A Girl.

We are combining forces with the ladies for a weekend co-ed ride at MULESHOE Park. Bring your floaties and swimsuit as we’ll make a full day of riding laps under the shade of trees and cooling off in Lake Travis until our toes wrinkle!

Riders will break into groups based on skill level, length of ride and whether one wants to rips up the trails or ride at a social pace and smell the flowers. “No Drop” policy in effect so no one gets left behind or lost. Bring plenty of water and don’t forget your helmet!!ARR will host a post…

Brew and Brats
El Paso Bicycle Club Ride
Wednesday, July 4    7:00 PM
Description:     Back by popular demand, 4th of July party on the Clark’s patio followed by fireworks at 9 p.m. courtesy of El Paso Country Club. Bring an appetizer, side dish, or desert. Home brew (Brown Ale, Phatt Tire), some soft drinks, brats & fixins provided. If you want something different to drink, bring your favorite adult beverage. Get that comfy folding chair out of your garage and bring it too. Bob & Connie Clark’s 226 Oleander Way, Please RSVP by July 1 at …

Tour d’Italia 2012 a Success
Another year of the Tour d’Italia is behind us. One rider commented, “I am new to Texas, and have been doing these rides every weekend, and this is by far the best organized ride I have done.”

Thank you to all of you who volunteered to help with this year’s tour in any way. We will be gathering in July for our post TDI wrap up, and talk about what went well and what things could be done better next year. Details of date and time coming soon!

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