Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup for August 15th

Tapatio spring ride…sat at 5
by pebblehoppertj        forums.mtbr.com
We are doing the Tapatio springs course…..we are meeting at bass pro shop at 415 . The wheels down at 5 pm
And a bike in good working condition
This is a self support ride…

North Central Texas
by kjfp            forums.mtbr.com
Where are the best trails (XC) within 1 – 2 hours drive from Witchita Falls? If there is one place you would recommend what would it be? You can PM me if you prefer. I tried Dorba but their site is under renovation. THANK YOU! …

Moving to San Antonio
by 40Acres            forums.mtbr.com
Hey Guys,
I will be moving to San Antonio in the middle of next year, and I need some advice on what part of town to live in.

I am hoping to live within 5-10 minutes of a mountain bike trail, but I will more than likely be working downtown so I don’t want my commute to be too long.

Anybody on here use San Antonio’s public transportation? …

The theft was in Oregon and Washington states but the story could take place in Texas.

Bike Thief Gets Owned

A Portland cyclist finds his stolen bike on Seattle’s Craigslist and conducts a DIY sting, gets bike back and thief arrested on a felony charge.

This article goes with the one about bike theft above.

Don’t Mess with Cyclists! (Especially not their bikes)
The Wheel Brothers – Cycling in Texas
What would you do if your bike was stolen and a few days later you found it posted for sale on Craigslist? Would you forget about it? Cut your losses? Or would you get it back? Well Simon from Portland, Oregon loved his bike so much that he dared to go where not many people would go and set out on a mission to get it back.

Driving 160 miles from Portland to Seattle, Washington, He contacted the thief under the impression that he wanted to buy the bike. Everything was set up, he had a Seattle phone number and his friends were ready to call the police. How did it all go down, you’re wondering? Well on this particular day was a good day for Simon. A bike chase was involved, the police came and he had enough evidence recorded to bring him down, all the way…

Not sure how this survives sliding across asphalt.

The Invisible Bike Helmet: An Airbag On The Go
by Josh Constine            techcrunch.com

People die trying to look cool. Vanity is the sad reason why people don’t wear bike helmets. So two Swedish women set out to invent “the invisible bicycle helmet”, They’ve succeeded, and the end product isn’t a made of clear plexiglass and there’s no lightbending-stealth technology. In fact…

Next Club Meeting – Lone Star Cyclists
Date: Monday, August 20, 2012 – 7:30pm
As summer comes to an end and schools are starting up again so are our club meetings. I want to encourage each of you to attend the meeting Monday August 20th at 7:30 pm. We will meet at the Bob Duncan Community Center in Vandergriff Park, 2800 S. Center St. Arlington, TX

Our guest speaker will be from…

Complete Streets Policies on the Rise
Alliance for Biking & Walking: People Powered Blog
According to a report released today by the National Complete Streets Coalition, over 350 communities across the U.S. now have Complete Streets policies, 150 of which were adopted last year alone. The 2011 Complete Streets Policy Analysis documents the widespread adoption in a variety of communities and reflects the growing sentiment that streets should be so much more than conduits for motor vehicle traffic.

“As residents of communities across the country increasingly desire the ability to walk, bike or take transit to and from jobs, shops and schools, we’re seeing more and more localities understand the importance of…

Minneapolis couple completes 14-month 12,200 mile bicycle trip around U.S.
by: Randy Furst            www.startribune.com

From the tense border towns in west Texas to the boarded-up communities of upstate New York to the homes of hospitable strangers, a Minneapolis couple biked the perimeter of the continental United States over the past 14 months, and have come back with a host of stories and impressions.

Anne and David Winkler-Morey, both 54, returned home last week after a 12,200 mile bicycle trip that took them through 34 states, two Mexican states and two Canadian provinces.

Both are educators. Anne was a college professor at St. Cloud State University where she taught history and race relations until she was laid off in 2010. David is a social worker at Anthony Middle School in Minneapolis. He took a year’s leave. They cashed in an insurance policy, sold their car…

Cycle for Hope to benefit Children’s Miracle Network, UMC Celebrate Today Fund
Cycle for Hope, a seven-mile bike ride on the Texas Tech and University Medical Center campuses will take place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

The ride starts and finishes at UMC. The event is targeted to the general public, and cycling enthusiasts are encouraged to participate. Riders will have the option…

Mansfield Bicycle Recycler Connects Needy with Transportation
by Doug Magditch        KDAF-TV

MANSFIELD, Texas— “My dad showed me a lot about bikes, too, when I was growing up,” said Jason Toombs, executive director of Pedal Power.

Toombs, an avid mountain biker, has been using two-wheeled transport for decades. Working as a full-time distributing manager, he’s more of your “weekend-warrior” bike enthusiast. …

Father-daughter biking trip adds adventure, understanding
Posted by Kim Hilsenbeck        haysfreepress.com

In less than a week, two bicyclists will ride into Austin and end their 1,700-mile cross-country trek at the state capitol.

Given this is Central Texas, a mecca for serious cyclists, some may consider the feat mundane. But the pair is not your run-of-the-mill bike riders.

Bianca Derka, 12, of Buda, and her father, Pavel Derka, 52, will finish their big bike adventure after more than two months on the open road – blogging about…

Cyclists Feeling Unsafe on Basin Roads, Increased Traffic and Fatal Wrecks to Blame
By Jen Kastner        NewsWest 9
MIDLAND – In almost every direction you turn in West Texas, vehicles are racing along our roads. There are more of them and many of the drivers are distracted. Wrecks are happening daily and too many of them are deadly. It’s one of the darker sides of the booming Basin.

If you’re nervous to ride a car along the roads, imagine being on a bike.

Cyclist, Serge Eberhard, says, “Drivers pass by you and they honk at the last minute when they…

GCCA Masters at State Crit Championships

This year our ?masters team competed in the age-based Texas State Crit Championships in Roundtop, Texas, north of Austin.  Promoted as the Georgetown Grand, Holland Racing coordinated an family-oriented set of activities and a very professional series of races during the weekend of May 19-20.  Three of our team members competed in the 50+ race and one in the 40+.  With three teammates working together in the 45 racer 50+ field, GCCA was able to bring back the breaks and work for the fittest rider on that day.  With eight 90 degree turns and an uphill finish, the course was one that required power out of the corners and a constant effort to avoid gaps…


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