Texas Bicycling News Digest June 16th

A reminder: Staying safe on the hike-and-bike trail

by Pam LeBlanc        fitness.blog.austin360.com

Last fall, a runner died after she collided with a cyclist on a recreational trail that winds through downtown Dallas.
Police determined that no one was at fault, and no charges were filed. But the incident shook the community, and showed that trail etiquette can have life-or-death consequences.
In Austin, more than 100 miles of trails, including the 10 most-loved miles that encircle Lady Bird Lake, twist through the city. In recent years, those trails have grown increasingly congested. Runners and cyclists, tourists and nature walkers, sometimes two or three abreast, share a trail also populated by strollers, dogs, a serenading musician or two and the occasional squirrel that darts across the path.
According to the Trail Foundation, the nonprofit group that works to maintain it, the trail around Lady Bird Lake records an estimated 1.5 million visits each year.
The challenge is to figure out now – rather than after someone gets …

Investigation into Fatal Crash at 1700 Antoine


Houston police are investigating a fatal crash at 1700 Antoine about 7:10 p.m. on Monday (June 15).
The male victim was transported to Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital where he was pronounced dead.  His identity is pending verification by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.
HPD Vehicular Crimes Division Sergeant P. Kung and Officer C. Washington reported:
The victim was riding a bicycle northbound on Antoine when he and the driver of a white Isuzu box truck both stopped at a red light at the intersection of Long Point.  When the light turned green, the Isuzu’s driver proceeded through the intersection, striking the bicyclist.  The driver remained at …

Texas cyclists visit Little Rock en route to Alaska


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – About 30 University of Texas students who are biking their way to Alaska stopped by Little Rock to visit the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
The University announced that the Texas 4000 team visited the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute and UAMS Myeloma Institute Monday. The group is part of the longest …

Boy Scout turned Soldier aims for gold at DOD Warrior Games

By    Shannon Collins         www.army.mil

EL PASO, Texas (Army News Service, June 15, 2015) — When fifth grader and Boy Scout Stefan Leroy watched the World Trade Center towers fall during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he knew then he wanted to serve his country.
“We really saw the world change, and then thinking about service, commitment to yourself, your community and your country, the Army’s kind of a natural place to go from there,” said Sgt. Stefan Leroy, a cavalry scout, who now serves at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Maryland.
Years later, Leroy found himself carrying a fellow Soldier to a …

Get Involved: Bike Happenings Near You


Cities around Texas are working on bike plans, master plans, and other plans to keep our cities and our state moving in all kinds of ways as we continue to grow. Don’t miss out on what may be happening near you!

Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi’s MPO is working on a strategic plan for active mobility. Take a survey or get more involved with their mapping to let them know where you ride– and where you need to see improvement.
Houston: Take a survey for …

SA Update: Vision Zero: Making San Antonio’s Streets Safe (Rivard Report)

by Matthew        bike4heck.com

I’ve been a fan of the Rivard Report for sometime and hope to contribute to them someday. I’ve been asked before since starting the blog.
This year we had a run off election here in San Antonio. We had a interim mayor Ivy Taylor ever since Julian Castro moved up to Washington DC. (Julian Castro was very pro-cycling) During the race there where three major candidates and about 12 others that didn’t have a chance. After speaking with a connection at Bike Texas a state based Bicycle advocacy group I learned that only one candidate asked for their assistance to help develop his …

Tour de Trash

by Bill Cullins        bcullins.blogspot.com

This is the season for large multi-day cycling races such as the Tour of California, Tour of Italy (‘Giro d’Italia’), the upcoming Tour de France and similar events.
The regions and towns these events pass through take great pride in showcasing the beauty of their areas to the millions of potential tourists who watch these races in person or on television.
Unfortunately, San Angelo does not have a large televised multi-day cycling event and that’s probably for the best.
If we had a local cycling race of that type, the only logical name would be the ‘Tour de Trash’.
The amount of intentionally-discarded litter that decorates many roadsides, parking lots and …

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COMMENTARY: Bicycle safety and awareness in the RGV

RICHARD CAVIN | GUEST COLUMNIST        www.themonitor.com

Remember when you were young and full of energy? Maybe you are still full of energy, and although a lot of us are not young anymore, we’re still young at heart.
Remember riding your bicycle when the world was not so crazy, hurried and complex? Some of us remember those times fondly. Recall the tassels on the bike handlebars and baseball cards put in tire spokes (to make motor sounds) that were connected to the fork via mom’s clothespins? We put our favorite stickers on the bicycle frame. And we lived on our bikes!
Yes, those were the days when life seemed much simpler and less hurried.
As the years passed, advancements in technology and …

Texas Bicycle and Beer Expo 2015, 10/31 – 11/1


2015 Exhibitors
Stay tuned for information on registering as an Exhibitor for the 2015 Texas Bicycle and Beer Expo!
Exhibitor Categories
Our exposition will offer the best in regional exhibitors from the following categories:  Custom Bicycle Frame Builders, Bicycle Manufacturers, Apparel and Accessory makers, Tools and Components, Local Bicycle Advocates and Bicycle Shops, Touring and Adventure, Media, Transportation, Race Promotion, Lifestyle, and Craft Breweries.  …

Texas A&M Cycling Team

We’ve experienced significant growth this season! Treated everyone to a cold and wet race weekend at Texas State University. Lots of good racing and lots of good company!

Day 3: In a Silent Way

by Beth        www.brothersbikeride.com

I’m a day behind. We apologize for any inconvenience.
I worked for about five hours on Friday but didn’t finish the thing I’d really wanted to finish, so I left the hotel in a BAD MOOD.
On my way out of town I had to make a hairy left turn onto a busy street. After waiting a while I finally saw an opening and started creeping into the lane of oncoming traffic; I just needed the traffic on my right to pass, and in seconds it would. But suddenly a car coming from the right turned left onto my street, taking my turning window. Meanwhile, a semi truck was bearing down on me from my left, and I didn’t have time to accelerate quickly enough to clear it. So I backed up to avoid death. But it was scary and did not improve my mood!
The drive was neither here nor there for me; it was too crowded to achieve the sense of oneness with the world I’ve found on previous trips, and I was pretty distracted thinking about work. I contemplated moving to …

Austin on a Bike’s Alternative Bike Routes: The Southern Hippie Highway

Austin on a Bike        austinonabike.com

Whenever I see a cyclist start cranking uphill on South First, I cringe.
There’s just no good reason, pretty much ever, to ride a bicycle (especially southbound) on South First Street.
But, once upon a time, I was brutally unaware of this fact too, and thus after a decade of finding better ways to go, I present to you the inaugural post in a series I’ll call “Austin on a Bike Guide to Alternate Bike Routes (or How to Try to Stay Alive on a Bike in Austin)“. Each post, which I’ll attempt to deliver you each weekend, assumes you know some of the very basic connectors downtown (stick with 2nd, 3rd and 4th for crosstown) and that you’re painfully aware of the Hike and Bike trail, the Boardwalk and the Pedestrian Bridge, but need to know the best way to actually go somewhere beyond downtown on a bike.
These routes will take you along some of the most basic north-south corridors in town without sticking you on too many (if any) busy major roads where you need to take a lane amongst traffic. If you’re new here, trust me, these are the ways you need to know.
For each of these routes, you can …

BikeHouston’s monthly newsletter Spoke&Word #12 is out


BikeHouston presents its latest newsletter Spoke&Word #12 with a list of the events BikeHouston will be part of the coming month, please consider signing up to help with BikeValet, Outreach, leading a ride, or when and where your district holds its Capital Improvement Plan meeting so you can attend and speak up for cyclist’s wishes and rights.
If you want to receive the newsletter, send an email to newsletter@bikehouston.org with your full name, address and phone number or sign up as a member and support BikeHouston’s mission to make Houston a more bicycle friendly city.
You can read the whole newsletter by …

Solo bicycle trip to San Antonio to benefit local Planned Parenthood

CHRISTINA R. GARZA | STAFF WRITER        www.themonitor.com

Seventy-six-year-old Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky left Brownsville early Thursday morning to embark on a 300 mile solo bicycle trip to San Antonio, aptly called “The Spirit of ‘76” to raise money for Planned Parenthood of South Texas.
Novogrodsky and his wife Ruth Wagner were spurred into action to support the health care provider when state funding was cut. Both Novogrodsky and Wagner became alarmed at the long-term effects lack of affordable health care and family planning could have on …

Tacos at Rudy’s II

Hill Country Randonneurs

Start Date and TIme: 5/16/2015 at 7:00am.
Starting location: CVS Pharmacy, Parmer ln at Avery Ranch, Cedar Park, TX 78613
This is a hilly course through some of the most popular cycling roads in Austin. It is a modified “Dam Loop”. You are never very far from a place to stop a grab food or drink.
If you want more information or to notify me …

Pace Bend, Rain, Elevated

Michell Sides        mitchellsides.wordpress.com

I knew going into Pace Bend that we were going to be ready to roll, but it’s kind of an odd course in that you never really know how it could go.  It was also cold and lightly drizzling, and I perhaps underdressed with only a SanRemo and Aeroshell for warmth.  I made it through, only cold once when we slowed up a bit.  I’ve been told the early breaks rarely succeed, but with the depth on Elevate, we really wanted to be part of anything that had a legitimate gap.  So, the team meeting had us, or me at least, pretty hyped on this one.  Get in the moves, follow everything, then deliver Zach to midway up the hill sprint  if it’s all together.  We don’t care what happens, as long as someone in the Elevate kit gets the win.  We will only work with absolute numbers.  Another team has …

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Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for August 6th

Make S.A. more bike friendly
San Antonio has recently made great strides toward becoming a bike-friendly community, but it’s a long climb to the top.
Despite enviable weather (most of the time), the Alamo City ranks 276th nationally in bike commuters. Despite the city’s friendly collective mien — everyone loves S.A., right? — there is often tension between cyclists and drivers.
And as biking has grown in popularity, ghost bikes have been…

Cyclist’s Alaska trip to boost cancer awareness
By Tom Behrens        www.chron.com

Riding a bike for 4,500 hundred miles is not the usual way most travel from Texas to Alaska, but Hilary Hazel has a special reason for relying on pedal power.
She and 22 other cyclists of the Sierra Riders are pedaling their way to Anchorage to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer, which has afflicted friends and many members of her family and took the life of her fiancé’s father.
“It’s not supposed to be easy,” said…

San Antonio B-Cycle
Yesterday was the 3rd installment of the Something Monday ride. We had a great turnout and had a blast exploring Brackenridge Park and the Japanese Tea Gardens. Big thanks to the The Rivard Report and the Brackenridge Park Conservancy.

Texas Mamma Jamma Ride

Join us the last Saturday of October for the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride and help support Central Texans fighting breast cancer. The Mamma Jamma is a single day bike ride with distances from 13 to 100 miles for every skill level. When you finish, you’ll enjoy an awesome lunch from @TheSoupPeddler and beverages from @InfamousBrewery as you relax and cheer in…

Cyclists, it’s Time to GET LIT!
Shawnee Trail Cycling Club

That doesn’t mean you are to hurry down to your local drinking establishment. It means that we’ve quickly reached that time of year where lights are required on the Wednesday Night Special and Thursday Night Rider. True enough that you don’t need them at the start, but you will have them turned on by…

Ride Choices for a Good Day Out
Shawnee Trail Cycling Club
If you’re new to cycling and, better yet new to group rides, you’re likely to experience some level of anxiety when choosing a ride. We’ve all been in that position at some time in our life. You don’t know the people and don’t understand all the lingo, including the ever important “average pace” and “ride difficulty”. You might see the posted pace as 15-17 mph and say to yourself “I’ve gone…

First Annual Grace Creek Fundraiser Ride/Run/Hike
Longview Bicycle Club
Why: Raise funds for Grace Creek Trail (Ride, Run or Hike)
Where: Grace Creek Trail Head at Maude Cobb Activity Center
When: Saturday, October 12th at 10 AM
Early Registration: $25 Donation and includes lunch and one raffle ticket (through 10/05/2013 at 12:00 AM CST)
Late Registration: $35 Donation and includes lunch and one raffle ticket (10/5/2013 at 12:00 AM CST through 10/12/2013)
Lunch Only: $15 Donation and includes one raffle ticket
The Longview Bicycle Club in partnership with the Parks and Leisure Services Foundation is proud to present the first organized fundraiser for the Grace Creek Trail.  ALL of the registration fees ($25 early – $35 late) are donated to the Parks and Leisure Services Foundation and will go towards the trail fund (maintenance, tools, signage). Please pre-register online before the event. …


Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for February 12th

Beginner’s Bike Ride & Basic Repair Workshop
When     Feb 24, 2013
from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Where     Franklin Mountains State Park
Contact Name     Adrianna Weickhardt
Contact Email     adrianna.weickhardt@txxxx
Contact Phone     (915) 566-6441
In honor of Texas Parks & Wildlife designating February as Bike Month, we are kicking off our beginner’s bike rides and workshops Sunday, February 24, 2013 – Join us for a fun morning designed to introduce a novice rider to the world of mountain bike riding in our beautiful Chihuahuan Desert and Franklin Mountains State Park!  We’ll be joined by Kevin Pearson, President of the NE El Paso YMCA and El Paso’s new Bike Co-op, Dave Wilson, President of the Borderland Mountain Bike Association, and others yet to be announced including local bike shop mechanics, fellow bike enthusiasts, and our volunteer trail builder “extraordinaire”.

It is a reservation only workshop limited to 20 participants (Need reservation by Friday before program day), so please call the park headquarters between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at (915) 566-6441 to make your reservation.  A regular $5.00 entrance fee and a $3.00 activity fee apply = total of $8.00; however, Texas State Parks Pass holders only pay $3.00 since all TSPP holders receive free entrance in to all Texas State Parks. …

Upcoming Webinar for Rural Officials: How Does MAP-21 Affect Rural Communities?
Alliance for Biking & Walking: People Powered Blog
If you advocate in a rural area, it’s likely that your public officials will need to learn new rules for how rural communities can access federal transportation funds for biking and walking projects.

Please consider inviting elected officials and municipal staff in your community to an upcoming webinar on how the new federal transportation law, MAP-21, will affect rural governments. On the webinar, local public officials will learn how rural communities can access federal bicycle and pedestrian funding from their state department of transportation, and what these funds may be…

Gravel Time!
by Bryan

Another great SPINISTRY event! This time it was loads of gravel and a wicked fun time on wade road with epic chucks of gravel flying over my head with Chris Carlson putting the hurt on everyone! Thanks to Kevin and Volunteers for the hard work and continuing to give use great routes! Late in the race my teammate on Giant Factory South Adam Koble took advantage of Carlson stretching out the field as I hit it hard for…

Thousands of Kids Learn Helmet Safety at Annual Texas A&M Event

Texas ENT & Allergy, Aggie Athletes Involved (AAI) and Texas A&M Athletics, along with supporting sponsors want to encourage child safety by giving away free bicycle helmets on Tuesday, February 12. The program will be held on the Texas A&M campus at the Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium and will begin at approximately 9 a.m.

For the fifth year in a row, approximately 2,800 bike helmets (provided through Academy Sports + Outdoors) will be presented to surrounding area second graders. This year’s event will include…

Bikes prohibited along parts of the river
By Noi Mahoney            www.mysanantonio.com

The city of San Antonio recently added signage to remind bike riders that riding is prohibited from Guenther to Alamo streets, near the Blue Star Arts Complex, along the San Antonio River.

Other areas where bicycles are prohibited include the horseshoe and east channel of the River Walk, Commerce to Lexington avenues and from Villita to Nueva streets.

In San Antonio, any violation of bike ordinances or…

New Bikes for the MTB Crowd!
by djcurtin            It’s Time To Ride!
We’ve always loved mountain bikes.

It’s not my thing personally, but being a part of Bicycle Sport Shop means, at a certain level, an appreciation for fat tires and trails. I’ve tried and tried to be a mountain biker and it hasn’t worked out too well. So I compromised by becoming a cyclocross racer. Still, a part of me always thinks, “I need a mountain bike.” And that part isn’t all that small.

For the vast majority of our folks, it’s all about mountain bikes. Heck, it’s the reason we exist to a large extent—Hill’s passion for trail riding led him to lead us for the past thirty years, not to mention to Laura, as mentioned here. For the shop’s fat-tire die-hards the thought process is, “I might like to try a road bike. Maybe.” But they’re always up-to-date on the latest and…