Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup November 17th

What in the world do enchiladas have to do with mountain biking? In Austin…everything! Austin Ridge Riders The Enchilada Buffet is the annual measuring stick for Austin mountain biking. The EB is a self supported ride covering five local trails and ~85 miles of awesome Austin mountain biking. You read that correctly….roughly 85 miles!


Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup November 2nd

High school mountain biking rising in popularity ‘It’s a big hootenanny in the woods with a bunch of high schoolers.’ by Julie Kailus www.grindtv.com Mountain biking is climbing the ranks of cool high school sports. Thanks to a boost from the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association), the sport has been growing up to 30 […]

Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup

MTB Collegiate Championships – Day 3 of Racing UT Cycling

All Level Ride @ Walnut Creek Fall/Winter hours The Austin Mountain Bikers Meetup Group Sunday, December 1, 2013 1:30 PM Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park 12138 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX (map) We set up under the trees in the parking lot near the […]

Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup

Houston: MapMyRide courses in Terry Hershey & George Bush Parks by: the sci guy I created some courses in THP and GBP on MapMyRide – I have a free account, so I’m hoping it shows up for everyone and not just for me. I was surprised there didn’t seem to be hardly any little […]