Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for May 25th

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P1/2/3 podium last night at Driveway Bike Race Series: fb.me/uYSEZBcS

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Keith Byrd shot this at last nites Social Cycling Austin TNSR. I was going to count at first..but quickly… fb.me/28kOYvl90

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Tomorrow is Hope Day! Grab lunch @ Whole Foods and then head to the roof for live music, games, inspiring stories. on.fb.me/tx4k_hope

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1st Masters 35+ race and Gilbert comes out the Winner!! fb.me/1m7p5jHSy

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We just added a bunch of pics to our Real Ale Ride 2012 album! Thanks to Susan Beth Photography for the great images

Girlfriend is moving to Dallas. What is the riding like near Dallas?
by chrisvi05        www.bikeforums.net
I’m scared now after reading the article about being the worst city in the country for riding. I’ll be moving down in the next year when I’m done with school. Is there any good riding outside of the city? Maybe a short drive into the country side? I’m moving from Nashville and we have some pretty decent riding both in Nashville and within a couple of hours of here in Chattanooga. I’ll be bummed if I can’t get out into the countyside and go.

Reply by Doohickie
I live in nearby Fort Worth. I’m sure some of the Dallas folk will be by presently to give you the skinny.

A lot of those surveys have to do with bike infrastructure (lanes, trails, routes), and Dallas had a guy in charge of bikey things that was a hardcore Vehicular Cyclist and felt bike lanes were for wimps and everyone should just learn how to ride in the…

Fort Worth Skunks Dallas on Bike Plan
By Eric Nicholson         blogs.dallasobserver.com

It was shortly before or not long after I read Robert Wilonsky’s post from earlier this week about Dallas retaking its rightful crown as the country’s worst major city for cyclists that I wiped out, in suitably humiliating fashion, as I rode my bike to work down Hillcrest Road. I would blame the fall on the city’s reluctance to lay down bike lanes as called for in last year’s bike plan, but this was in University Park, and it had more to do with the water…

Bear Creek Crit, May 23, 2012
by Ken        Texas Racing Life
Another Bear Creek Crit!  Each week I do this course, it grows on me a little bit more, and I find out how to take the 130 degree curve a little bit faster. I love how you can take the curve at 30+ mph. Every time, it looks like I’m going to roll off the road to the outside, and I scream inside my head, “no brakes!!” Then the road widens in front of me, with plenty of room to spare.

This week, with the temperature heating up, started out fast and slowed some in the middle. Riders were less motivated to jump off the front at first, and the Garmin kids were keeping the pace high with a 1-2 punch of attacking. I felt it was too soon in the 1 hour crit, and chose to…

Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for January 22nd

Hill Country Randonneurs is an organization to promote randonneuring throughout central Texas.   Come join us for some great scenery, enjoyable company, and pleasurable rides.

This year we will have a populaire in March, so if you are a newbie who is thinking about trying randonneuring, this is the perfect ride for you. It is a shorter distance (only 62 miles) and will give you an opportunity to talk to some seasoned randonneurs and find out more about the sport. …

Biking woman thwarts child kidnap attempt
by bikedenton

Saturday’s DRC police blotter reports that a biking woman riding thwarted a man’s attempt to kidnap a child on Cooper Creek Rd. I don’t know the details, but that is a popular route to ride up towards Lake Ray Roberts, the Greenbelt, and the Clear Creek Nature Preserve.

2700 block of Cooper Creek Road — A woman riding her bike Friday helped a teenage girl in…

Is Fort Worth’s plan to install showers for city workers all wet?
By Dave Lieber            Fort Worth Star-Telegram
A Fort Worth City Hall employee tipped The Watchdog that the city is spending almost $50,000 to build five showers so city workers can clean up after biking to work or exercising at lunchtime.

“I have nothing against riding a bike to work,” the tipster wrote. “What I do take issue with is the city, in such dire straits, on a dead run to spend money to build showers so that folks can ride bicycles to work at City Hall. …