MTB Bike Trail Ride Washed Out

My goal was to ride 16 miles on the Kingwood greenbelt trails to put my August miles over 700 to help make the next three days not so demanding to reach my goal. So much for that plan. I started late (3:42) because I watched the replay of stage 9 of the Vuelta a […]

102 Degrees On Trails Bike Ride

Today’s ride was a change of pace as I rode my Motobecane 700HT MTB on the Kingwood greenbelt trails (some streets too) for a total of 18.28 miles. It might have been a good choice with the shade keeping the sun and heat down some. It is super dry around here so I thought […]

Fallen Trees Biking Kingwood Trails

I wasn’t able to ride until late this afternoon leaving home at 3:30. I rode my Motobecane 700HT MTB on the Kingwood trails. As I rode the trails there was plenty of signs of high water. There was so much water in some places that very tall trees toppled over some across the trail. […]

Garmin 520 Test Ride on Kingwood Trails

Today’s ride was a combination recovery ride and a test of the replacement Garmin Edge 520 I received yesterday. I think I accomplished both. With the heavy bike, slow speeds, stout wind (SSE @ 18 mph , 28 mph gusts at the airport) my legs spun out out all of the soreness from the […]