Garmin 520 Test Ride on Kingwood Trails

Today’s ride was a combination recovery ride and a test of the replacement Garmin Edge 520 I received yesterday. I think I accomplished both. With the heavy bike, slow speeds, stout wind (SSE @ 18 mph , 28 mph gusts at the airport) my legs spun out out all of the soreness from the […]

Recovery Bike Ride? Kingwood Trails

After yesterday’s ride my muscles were sore today. So what do I do? I decided to ride my 32 pound mountain bike on the Kingwood trails. I am not sure that was a good idea but the trails were gorgeous as was the weather; a clear blue sky, a light breeze and 77 degrees. […]

High Water on the Trails Bike Ride

The weather changed today after 3.00″ of rain yesterday. The trails were covered in water in some places which slowed me down riding through them At the 5 mile point my average speed was only 8 mph. The mostly cloudy sky let the sun shine through some times especially towards the end of the […]

First Bike Ride of 2016 – Kingwood Trails

The sunshine beckoned me to ride but the temperature could’ve a little warmer. When I left home at 1:52 on temperature gauge reported 66 degrees but the one in the shade said 62. I think the 62 was closer to being right. As I rode the Kingwood trails the shaded portions made me glad […]