Two Goal Bike Ride

Today’s ride had two goals: register for tomorrow’s Humble Lions Club ride at Bike Werks in Kingwood and get my leg muscles warmed up for tomorrow’s ride. It was a little chilly and since I was staying in Kingwood I rode my Motobecane 700HT MTB. I rode 13.08 miles which is the long way to […]

Breaking the Ice Bike Ride

Mike and Frank on the TV show American Pickers talk about breaking the ice. I broke the ice today with the first ride of 2015. I was watching the temperature around noontime as it slowly moved to 60 degrees. I was determined to ride today with cold weather supposed to arrive tomorrow and stay with […]

Loud Sound Delays the Ride

I couldn’t stay inside today. Earlier in the day I wasn’t sure I would ride or not. Riding looked good on the greenbelt trails. Getting the MTB out of the garage I set out to see how many leaves had fallen since yesterday’s ride. The route was not the same as yesterday but did have […]

A Ride to The Post Office and Then on the Trails

Combining business and pleasure is not always possible but I was able to do that on today’s ride. I had a package I needed to take to the post office for my side business. I planned on riding my MTB since the weather warmed up slightly (69 degrees at the start). The route I chose […]