Slow to Leave Due to a Technology Glitch

After many days of cold and some wet I was able to get on my MTB and ride today. Around 10:30 I was outside and noticed the weather warming up and some sun. I thought it might just warm up enough to ride. By 1:00 it was 66 degrees so I got dressed and got […]

Motivated by the Weather Forecast to Ride

After being a couch potato yesterday I was a motivated biker today especially after reading the weather forecast starting tomorrow (Tuesday). Today’s weather was a big draw to be outside. When I got up this morning the temperature was 46 but by the time I left home biking it was 77. The 31 degree move […]

Dust Off the MTB

It’s been a few days since my last bike ride. Between having company, rain, outpatient surgery on my wife and some cool weather biking has been moved back on the list of things to do. Today I decided if I can’t ride 30+ miles on my Stradalli then 15.43 miles on my MTB is the […]

A Tailwind Followed by A Headwind

Saturday and Sunday weather gave me a reason not to ride with Saturday’s high in the low 60’s and Sunday morning the low was 41. Later in the day it warmed up to 70 but by then I had a church meeting to attend. Today the weather was much better with 76 degrees. I was […]