Turned Back by the Wind

At 9:30 this morning I realized I could go biking which is a couple of hours earlier than I have been riding. Part of my motivation was the approaching cold front. There was a wind advisory going into effect at 10:00AM bringing the cold front. So I hurried to get ready and ended up leaving [...]

Keeping The Wheel Straight

Sometimes planning the ride route or at least thinking of it requires some mental exercise. After living in the same house for 23+ years figuring out a different route can mean changing a couple of streets or roads. Today I varied a couple of streets before crossing over Lake Houston going to the east. Lately [...]

Two Tight Squeezes

I rode to New Caney today and to add to the distance I returned to Kingwood through Forest Cove. This route was 34.48 miles long averaging 15.2 mph. I started a little earlier than usual leaving home at 12:28. This put me in front of the schools letting out except for the last two I [...]

Leg Fatigue and Gusts of Wind

I wasn’t planning on riding today but the opportunity came along so I hit the road. My legs were a little tired and the strong wind didn’t help them any. At 2:05 when I started riding the temperature was a very pleasant 85, scattered clouds in the sky but the wind was from the south [...]