A Day to Remember 13 Years Ago

Three rides in a row to Huffman is rather unusual for me. The road construction at Community Drive to the north has put a crimp on my route selection. Also I did not start riding until 12:57. I wanted to give the weather time to heat up again and it did. It was a balmy [...]

By the Numbers: 46 Out of 159

My brain was too tired to come up with an original route today so I pulled out the one I ride the most: “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman”. I started later than normal leaving home at 11:36 and returning at 2:12. With this later start the weather had time to heat up for me. It [...]

Love Bugs and a 1959 Ford

I wasn’t the only person riding today. I saw 11 bikers on Old Atascocita Road and Ramsey Road. All but 2 of them were women. This is probably the women I saw on other Tuesday rides. I saw them because I rode the Stroker Road loop in reverse. Another thing I saw was “love bugs”. [...]

Longer Ride On An Infrequent Route

The last time I rode today’s route it was just over 40 miles so I was somewhat surprised when I started to realize today was going to be further coming in at 44.19 miles. The previous ride on the “SR242 – Firetower Rd – FM1314″ route was April 29th, 2013. When I ride on SR242 [...]