A Chilly Wind Didn’t Overcome A Good Bike Kit

I rode today which means it is two days in a row. My home weather station was optimistic with the temperature at 76 degrees when I got back home at 1:33. The wind was chilly and biting whenever I was in the shade. I think it was more like 67. Thank goodness for the […]

Evacuation From the Cold But Back to Ride Now

You may have noticed the lack of daily news digests since January 11th. My wife and I couldn’t take the cold any longer and we took a cruise to Merida and Cozumel, Mexico. It was warmer there as promised. I might think of this trip as an evacuation. I have not rode much this […]

Breaking the Ice Bike Ride

Mike and Frank on the TV show American Pickers talk about breaking the ice. I broke the ice today with the first ride of 2015. I was watching the temperature around noontime as it slowly moved to 60 degrees. I was determined to ride today with cold weather supposed to arrive tomorrow and stay […]

Reached My Riding Goal But Not Done Yet, I Hope

With the year winding down I am running out of days to reach my mileage goal for the year. Today is the first day since December 12th that I could get out and ride. As I was getting ready my wife ask me if I thought I could stay upright since she saw some […]