Stroker Road Wind Slam Bike Ride

Normally when I ride the Stroker Road – Huffman route the wind is coming at me from the start and then the return legs are easier. Today I enjoyed a tailwind until I turned onto Stroker Road from FM2100. For the first 2 miles on Stroker Road I was still able to ride at […]

Motivated by the Weather Forecast to Ride

After being a couch potato yesterday I was a motivated biker today especially after reading the weather forecast starting tomorrow (Tuesday). Today’s weather was a big draw to be outside. When I got up this morning the temperature was 46 but by the time I left home biking it was 77. The 31 degree […]

Carbon Fiber vs. Rust

After yesterday’s ride I went to the garage to investigate why I could shift the front derailleur. Putting the Stradalli in the work stand I tried the shift lever several times but nothing moved. I flipped the bike upside down to look under the bottom bracket. Where the cable entered the bottom bracket I […]

Love Bugs and a 1959 Ford

I wasn’t the only person riding today. I saw 11 bikers on Old Atascocita Road and Ramsey Road. All but 2 of them were women. This is probably the women I saw on other Tuesday rides. I saw them because I rode the Stroker Road loop in reverse. Another thing I saw was “love […]