Stroker Road and the Grass Farms

I biked the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route with the intent to get close to 40 miles in. I ended up riding 40.84 miles averaging 16.0 mph. In addition to the miles I also wanted to check out the road work Harris County Precinct 2 did on Old Atascocita Road. These pictures show the work:


Union Pacific Train Crew Food Run

I took yesterday off but I am back on the bike today. The plan was to ride 35+ miles going to Huffman. To get a longer distance I rode what I label the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route. Today I modified the Stroker Road portion some by not turning onto Peters Road like I usually [...]

Sometimes Ride Plans Fall Apart

Sometimes ride plans just fall apart. Today was one of those days. I planned to ride what I call the “Kingwood – Crosby – Kingwood” route. This is the route:

The ride started 10:50 under an overcast sky, 77 degrees and a 13 mph southeast breeze. The ride was going good until I got [...]

Keeping The Wheel Straight

Sometimes planning the ride route or at least thinking of it requires some mental exercise. After living in the same house for 23+ years figuring out a different route can mean changing a couple of streets or roads. Today I varied a couple of streets before crossing over Lake Houston going to the east. Lately [...]