Almost Hit 4000 – July 23rd Bike Ride

An overcast sky helped to hold in the humidity as I left at 10:50 on today’s ride. The humidity was not as high as yesterday standing at 63%. The 8 mph SW wind usually brings drier air and by the finish of the ride at 1:38 the sky was partly cloudy to the north and overcast to the south. Humidity dropped to 44% and the temperature was 94.8, 7 degrees up from the start.

Riding to the north to New Caney I took the “back” way out of Kingwood on Mills Branch Drive and then Ford Road to get to Loop 494. Except for the portion of Ford Road where I rode west the wind helped me keep a good starting average speed. I was only 6 seconds over at the 5 mile point to get a 15 mph average speed. Riding on Loop 494 north it did not take long to make up those 6 seconds and more. I expected some wind resistance riding on FM1485 to Gene Campbell Road and at first there was but a slight dogleg to the right was just enough to get some help from the breeze.

Once I was on Gene Campbell Road the breeze was not holding me back too much but when I took the side street square I experienced the wind’s power with each change in direction. Back on Gene Campbell I rode to FM1314 to begin the trip towards Porter. With a SW breeze this section does not ride into the wind and it can even switch to a tailwind at times. Approaching the Stripes station is one of those where the road bends to the left and the SW becomes a true tailwind.

Stopping at Stripes I enjoyed the shade and rested for the final 11 miles or so back home. A package of Nature Valley granola bars replenished my sugar and I washed them down with my usual Diet Pepsi. Back on my bike after 20 or 25 minutes I rode home through Briar Tree, Oakhurst and Kingwood. The route mileage came in at 34.59 miles bringing the week to 74.75 miles, July to 670.18 miles and year to date up to 3996 miles. Tomorrow I should get over the 4000 mile point for the year.

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Rick Ankrum

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