A Batch of New + A Whole Lota of Wet

I got the door much earlier than the last ride. I thought it would be a good ride to try out some new stuff: Shimano R088W shoes, new SPD cleats and new white socks. The shoes use the ratchet closure system which I love. The main reason I love this system is the ease […]

Substitute Wheel – September 1st Bike Ride

On Sunday I normally ride when I get home from church. I do this because I ride and get back home to eat around 1:30. Today when I walked to the garage to leave and performed the tire squeeze ritual the rear tire was flat. In order to not waste time fixing the flat […]

Life of Riley? – August 30th Bike Ride

The remodeling is winding down so I did not have to stay home quite so late today. Wheels started rolling at 12:46 heading north to Community Drive and then through Valley Ranch before stopping at the Stripes station at FM1314. Not many miles were need to get to 800 for the month and this […]

A Change in the Land – August 18th Bike Ride

I thought I needed to verify today’s date with the uncharacteristic temperature when I got up this morning. 69 degrees at this date in August comes as a surprise. Earlier this week I rode in the upper 90’s to almost 100. I cannot complain though. When I rolled out the driveway at 11:49 it […]