3 Days of Leg Resting

Thank goodness for a few days of rest before I tackled today’s ride. The legs were called on for several stretches of headwind pedaling. I saw a Houston Chronicle alert that the wind was going to kick up this afternoon but it said northwest Harris county would be more likely to be where it […]

Hanging by Two Wires

I missed riding yesterday (Thursday) even though the weather was great. Instead I stayed home to fix our ceiling fan in the master bath. Wednesday evening my wife and I were sitting in the room I label “the computer facility” when we heard a noise like something fell. I did an inspection to find […]

Starting With the Weather

A while back I read about a famous writer. He had a number of rules he followed and he said they may have helped with his success. One of his rules was to not start with the weather. I am not a famous writer but I thought I would follow this rule. Today though […]

FedEx Truck Arrives and I Go

I waited today for the Fedex truck to delivery my new bike> It arrived about 12:15 so I was free to get out and ride. At 1:00 I rolled out the driveway headed to the south. With daylight savings time and 72 degrees I figured today would be great to ride a little further […]