Dark Gray with Orange Borders – October 11th Bike Ride

Tonight I am back on the Raleigh M800 mountain bike. When I left for the ride the sky was just beginning to have the sunset look. As I rode further the scattered clouds began to turn dark gray from the night approaching but with the sun not over the horizon yet the edge o […]

Pesky Rear Tire Leak – October 9th bike Ride

The weather was gorgeous again today. It was a little cool this morning so I delayed my start until 9:45. By then the temperature was 65 degrees so I did not need the leg warmers but I did use two jerseys. Speaking of jerseys I ordered the People for Bikes jersey from their website. […]

October 7th Bike Ride – More Than I Expected

My work schedule was different today so I was able to get a full length bike ride in before sundown. Today’s weather was “Chamber of Commerce” perfect again with 81 degrees, clear blue skies and no breeze to speak of. I don’t know what I will do when this finally changes; I guess I […]

NNE Wind + Sore Muscles – October 3rd Bike Ride

The weather is changing so when I went out for today’s ride I was battling the sore muscles from yesterday’s hills at the Pineywoods Purgatory and a NNE 15 mph (gusts 18 mph) wind. At times I thought the wind was going to win but I kept pedaling although I was going slower than […]