Dark Gray with Orange Borders – October 11th Bike Ride

Tonight I am back on the Raleigh M800 mountain bike. When I left for the ride the sky was just beginning to have the sunset look. As I rode further the scattered clouds began to turn dark gray from the night approaching but with the sun not over the horizon yet the edge o of the clouds were a pinkish-orange. When I turned on my headlight the clouds were just beginning to darken up. The colors caught my eye for the rest of the ride. The slight chance of rain turned out to be just that since the clouds never even looked close to dropping any water all day. The temperature at the end of the ride was 80 degrees and the easy SE 10 mph breeze was appreciated.

Joggers and walkers without lights continue to be a problem. Maybe they can see themselves better than I can in the dark.

Today’s ride data:

  • October miles 234.28
  • YTD miles 4235.87
10-11-2010 Ride Data

Additional charts and map.

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Pesky Rear Tire Leak – October 9th bike Ride

The weather was gorgeous again today. It was a little cool this morning so I delayed my start until 9:45. By then the temperature was 65 degrees so I did not need the leg warmers but I did use two jerseys. Speaking of jerseys I ordered the People for Bikes jersey from their website. This is a good looking jersey and half of the cost goes to support the People for Bikes program. I had a news article about their reaching 100,000 supporters earlier this week.

It looks like our clear blue skies will be ending Monday or Tuesday but I sure did enjoy them today and the gentle 6 mph breeze was just enough to keep me cool as I rode.

Now about the pesky rear tire leak. When I started to leave the Valero station on FM1314 after a break I noticed the rear tire was soft. I was thinking this was a pain, which it is, but I have not had a flat in several months so this is due. I removed the tube and pumped it up to find the hole but I could not find any so I put the tube back in the tire, pumped it up and waited a couple minutes to see if there was any air loss. There did not seem to be any so I left to finish the ride. About 5 miles later I noticed the tire going soft again so I repeated the exercise again without finding a hole. This time I put my spare tube in, aired it up and took off. No more problem. When I got home I filled the sink up with water to try to find the hole but before I could walk to the sink I found the leak. Patched the hole and the tube is now my spare one.

No other bikers spotted today so I was the lone ranger. Today’s statisics:

  • October miles 188.38
  • YTD miles 4189.97
10-9-2010 Ride Data

Additional charts and map.

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October 7th Bike Ride – More Than I Expected

My work schedule was different today so I was able to get a full length bike ride in before sundown. Today’s weather was “Chamber of Commerce” perfect again with 81 degrees, clear blue skies and no breeze to speak of. I don’t know what I will do when this finally changes; I guess I will be in mourning. I have not been on today’s route in many weeks so it was good to be on the road to see if anything has changed. No changes but I did see one biker. This Saturday will be good weather and I look forward to a long ride on the local roads.

Today’s ride data.

  • October miles 140.39
  • YTD miles 4141.98
10-7-2010 Ride Map and Data

NNE Wind + Sore Muscles – October 3rd Bike Ride

The weather is changing so when I went out for today’s ride I was battling the sore muscles from yesterday’s hills at the Pineywoods Purgatory and a NNE 15 mph (gusts 18 mph) wind. At times I thought the wind was going to win but I kept pedaling although I was going slower than I would like. You can see on the speed chart below that I was real slowing when I was heading into the wind but made up for some of it when I turned south. The skies are still blue but there are wisps white as the front moves through. The temperature was a pleasant 80 degrees.

Other riders were not out on the road when I was so they were missing out on gorgeous weather.

Ride data

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Today’s ride data:

  • October miles 96.72
  • YTD miles 4098.32