Withdraw Symptoms – July 22nd Bike Ride

I woke up this morning with a case of withdraw symptoms from the TDF. After three weeks of watching each stage today there was nothing to watch. However I did see the Tour of Wallone broadcasting on Eurosport so I watched the last 25 km to help with the withdraw. Most of the TDF teams are there but different bikers. This may help.

No biking yesterday. Scattered rain at home and the final stage of the TDF enticed me to stay off the bike. With all of the recent rain the humidity around here mushroomed (we have some of those in the front flower bed) for today’s ride. When I left at 10:36 the temperature showed 87 with 70% humidity. As the ride progressed the degrees went up to 93 and thankfully the humidity went down to 49%. That did not hold back the flow of sweat though.

I chose a south and east route through Atascocita, Walden and then circling around the grass farms east of FM2100 by riding to Stroker Road. At the start of the ride wind did not seem to be much of an issue but by the time I rode south on FM2100 into a stiff breeze the wind increased. I could tell when I turned onto Stroker Road heading east the wind was coming from the right rear quarter. From there until I made it to Old Atascocita Road to get back to FM2100 the wind was helpful. On Old Atascocita Road the wind came at me making pedaling tough with an occasional let up when I went behind some trees or mounds of dirt on my left.

Taking a rest break when I reach Huffman at the Chevron station it took 10 to 15 minutes for the perspiration flood to slow down. The pleasant breeze was enjoyable.

The route distance came in at 40.15 miles and I averaged 15.8 mph which surprised me some due to the 14 mph wind and 17 mph gusts. I am adding to the July mileage: 635.58. Year to date is 3961 miles.

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