National Bike Summit 2007

Did you know there is a bike summit coming up in Washington, DC? The dates: March 13 and 14.

The National Bike Summit brings together stakeholders from user groups, industry, government, and elected officials from around the country to share their ideas and best practices. Industry superstars, innovative thinkers, and effective national, state and local advocates will help craft a persuasive case statement for bicycling. Delegates will discover the value and impact of bicycling in the critical fields of transportation, health, recreation, tourism, energy and the environment.

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The League of American Bicyclists

This is a bicycle organization I think no one has heard of. In the early 80’s I belonged to the “League.” After a couple of years I lost interest because the League did not appear to offer much in Texas. I still have a jacket my wife was kind enough to sew some ride patches onto. It was the League that introduced me to century rides.

In fact, my very first century was a solo effort. I rode the back FM roads, got rained on and meandered around the streets of Cleveland, TX to reach the 100 mile goal. All of this was from reading about other people doing century rides in the League’s magazine. My wife picked me up at the Jack in a Box in Cleveland. I was tired!!

The magazine, American Bicyclist Magazine, still is around today. You can download the January-February issue at this link.

You can get more information on the League of American Bicyclists here.