Limp Flags – April 28th Bike Ride

Rode to Huffman and back under partly cloudy skies. The weather is starting to warm up and the wind does not feel chilly. Biking on Smith Road requires my full attention. The road surface is asphalt and it has slippage damage. There are a couple of places with large cracks in the road big […]

Wind Not Letting Up – March 17th Bike Ride

The wind was still kicking up today so March is working on the lion thing. When I left at 1:15 the wind was from the south at 13 mph with 17 mph gusts. Not satisfied with that when I got back home at 3:36 the increased to 13 mph with 21 mph gusts. The […]

Loop Back to Warmth – February 1st Bike Ride

My last ride was Monday January 28th so I was looking forward to get out riding today. I delayed the start until 1:57 PM to get my chores out of the way and to let the temperature warm up some. My home weather station showed 72.7 degrees so I thought a short sleeve jersey […]

Braving the 79 Degree Chill – January 25th Bike Ride

What a difference a few degrees make. When I stopped in Huffman at the Chevron station I looked at the Action Sign time and temperature board and saw 79 degrees. At home my weather station also showed 79 degrees at the finish. Last week we experienced some cold weather. It looks like January turned […]