Thick Dust – July 3rd Bike Ride

Today I had to look at Google Maps to refresh my memory of the streets to turn on when I got to The Commons of Lake Houston. The last time I rode this route was about a year ago and I think I got lost then. The route took me around Lake Houston north […]

No Loop Back – July 2nd Bike Ride

Day 2 of July and the weather lightened up some more from what we experienced on Saturday. The humidity rested at 37% as I rode out of the driveway at 11:05 and 28% when I pulled in at 1:52. During the ride my perspiration evaporated nicely keeping me cool. When the sun ducked behind […]

New Route – July 1st Bike Ride

My the temperature did an abrupt change. When I got up this morning my weather station showed 69 degrees (6:30 AM). I thought biking now would require a long sleeve jersey for warmth rather than sun protection; not necessary for a couple of months. Due to volunteering at HAAM I was not going to […]

Dry Heat – June 30th Bike Ride

Yesterday was a scorcher in the Houston area topping out at 107 degrees at Bush Intercontinental Airport, not far from where I ride and live. Imagine my relief when I got up this morning to 76 degrees, 31 degrees lower. Driving to church in my Jeep Wrangler with the top down was quite pleasant. […]