Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for October 27th

Federal bike funding under attack again
Tim Blumenthal        Director, Peopleforbikes.org
Last month, we asked you to contact your U.S. Senators to oppose Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s plan to strip funding from the Transportation Enhancements program, which is the main source of the federal investment for bike projects of all types. Peopleforbikes.org supporters and our allies generated more than 75,000 emails to Congress in 48 hours. This rapid and powerful grassroots response succeeded: Mr. Coburn withdrew his…

Pioneer PotterNavi: a 3G bike GPS that encourages you to meander
By Daniel Cooper          www.engadget.com

A GPS that encourages meandering won’t be the dish of the day (month, or year) for hypermilers, but might do well in the slightly more genteel world of cycling. Pioneer’s PotterNavi sits on the handlebars of your velocipede and can let you decide between straight or scenic routes. The 100 gram device packs a 2.4-inch 240 x 320 LCD screen and fortunate Japanese buyers get two years of 3G data for free, courtesy…

Generally I do not include news about electric bicycles since I am a purist but this one looks so much like the people powered bike that I had to.

Grace One City e-motorbike review
By Tim Stevens             www.engadget.com

There comes a time in nearly every person’s life when they need to get up, get out the door and get to work. Some drive, some walk, some take one form of public transportation or another — but a noble few do something different. Those people ride their bikes, holding on to the passion gained in a childhood of…

Everyone who rides for very long will have an encounter with a vehicle in some manner. Hopefully it is not tragic but there things you need to know.

How to Handle a Bike Accident With a Vehicle
By Ryan Wood            Active.com
John Duggan was riding along the left side of a lane of vehicles stopped in a traffic jam, when a car pulled out from the lane to make a U-turn right in front of him. The car smacked right into Duggan’s bike, sending him flying.

At the time, Duggan didn’t think he was injured, and he wasn’t sure who was at fault. So both he and the driver mutually agreed to go their…

Trek Recalling 27,000 Bikes
Bicycle Retailer & Industry News
WASHINGTON, D.C. (BRAIN)—The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with Trek, has issued a voluntary recall of about 27,000 FX and District bikes from the 2012 model year.

The bolt that secures the seat saddle clamp to the seat post can break posing a fall hazard.

Trek has received four reports of incidents with one injury involving a broken tooth and lip injury.

The bicycles affected by this recall include the following models: …

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 10/27- 11/2/11
by elliott            Austin on Two Wheels
Halloween is nigh so its time to put on a costume and ride your bike… whether it’s for the Thursday Night Social Ride, the special Sunday edition of Frankenbike, or just to head to the 6th street zoo!

Here’s a quick run down of recommended events for the coming week from our comprehensive calendar of all cycling events. Thanks to Jason at ATXBS for letting us know about some events we couldn’t find elsewhere. As always, if there is an event you know about that’s not on our calendar contact us, and we’ll add your event on and possibly add it to the weekly round up. …

Spreading The Word About Pedal Power – A North Texas Bike Charity
by dickdavid            Bike Friendly Richardson

When we were at the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, Richardson Bike Mart Cyclesomatic Bicycle Fair last weekend, we discovered a great bicycle charity called Pedal Power. Based out of Mansfield, Texas, Pedal Power is a division of Mansfield Bike Charity, a non-profit organization dedicated to refurbishing and redistributing used bikes. Their bikes benefit kids and adults in need of transportation to school and work, and provide increased…

TAMUG grad bikes 4,000 miles for cancer
By Bronwyn Turner        galvestondailynews.com

GALVESTON — Sam Davenport, of Galveston, never had attempted a long-distance bike ride when he set out alone on a fundraiser earlier this year.

Some 4,000 miles later, he raised $5,000 to donate to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, as well as $10,000 for families with children battling cancer.

He biked from 30 to 130 miles a day, losing 10 pounds and gaining a rubber-meets-the-road message. …

Missoni For Target Bicycle – Completed, With My Thoughts.
by Justin            The Plano Cyclist

Since my blog is now steadily making about two cents a day from clicks on the ads (retirement, here I come) I thought I ‘d give you two of my own since I completed the Missoni for Target “build”. The bike itself is a solid machine, though it came out of the box with a few dings; the fender had a small ding, and the basket had a cut in the rubber it was dipped in. The paint on the bike is solid, and very attractive. However, there is a seam in the…

Social Riding Dirty.
by Justin        The Plano Cyclist
On Saturday the 22nd, there was a bike friendly ride through Ray Charles’ South Dallas. I wasn’t aware that Ray Charles rode bicycles, nor that he lived in Dallas, so I was intrigued by the ride and wanted to go. The stars aligned and I was able to hook up with Hubbard and Curnutt and do a little South Dallas slow riding with Jason Roberts and a bunch of other…

Energy Corridor Shared-Use Pathways Project
by Aaron Chang         BikeHouston
On Monday, October 31 the Energy Corridor District will be submitting a federal grant application (TIGER III) for their Shared-Use Pathways Project. The Energy Corridor District is contributing local matching funds and will be responsible for future maintenance of the project. BikeHouston and numerous local organizations have written letters of support in favor of this important project. …

Violet Crown cyclocrossers are achieving great results throughout the state.
The club will host the annual Webberville Cyclocross race on December 11.
Violet Crown Sporrts Association
October 22-23 | Sugar Cycles Cross Fest, Sugar Land
Men 60+ – John Collins 1st
Men 50+ – Jay Bond 6th
Men 3/4 – Jamie Mitchell 28th
Men 60+ – John Collins 2nd
Men 50+ – Jay Bond 6th

October 15-16 | Cyclehaus Tough Cyclocross, Fredericksburg
Men 60+ – John Bartle 1st, John Collins 2nd
Men 50+ – David Wolfe 4th, Jay Bond 6th
Men 60+ – John Collins 1st
Men 50+ – Jay Bond 8th
Men 4 – Michael Gilheany 18th
Men 3/4 – Jamie Mitchell 33rd

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