How Do You Handle Winter Riding?

In issue #271 of Newsletter Coach Fred answers the “How can I defeat winter despair?”

This is a question I face even though I live in southeast Texas within 60 miles of the Gulf of Mexico. One of the options Coach Fred offers is to move to the Sunbelt. I have taken that option.

When Daylight Savings time ends it seems the will to ride in the evening in the dark with temperatures around 50 to 60 degrees has left my body. After many years of riding without regard to the low temperatures during the November to March period I changed my criteria to not riding outside if the temperature is below 60. This may be a sign of my getting soft but I like to think of it as an offset to my preference to ride in the Texas hot temperatures. I will take a 100+ day ride over a 55 degree ride any time!

My windtrainer gets some use but not enough. Listening to podcasts helps the trainer time pass by but the I much prefer the real road.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday promise daytime temperatures in the 70’s so there is relief from the windtrainer and plans to be out there turning those wheels. I am in sight of my year mileage goal of 4,800 with only 290 miles to go.